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While your case is being processed, it is of great importance that you do your part and that you keep your attorney informed.

1. Preserve Evidence in Your Possession.   Save physical objects that have a bearing on your case, such as photographs, braces, belts, and support or traction devices that were prescribed because of the accident. Keep these items in your possession.

2. Inform of Eye Witnesses.   Be sure you have given all possible information about the accident to your attorney. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of eye witnesses or others who were at or near the scene of the accident, but who may not have seen the entire event, are most important of all.

3. Forward all Bills.   At frequent intervals, send to your attorney all bills, statements, and similar items that are related to the accident.

4. Notify of Change of Address or Telephone.   Keep your attorney informed of your correct address and telephone number, including temporary changes. It may be necessary to reach you quickly.

5. Inform of Significant Developments.   Advise your attorney of significant developments such as being hospitalized, referral to another doctor, undergoing surgery, involvement in another accident, and discharge from treatment by your doctor or doctors.

6. Watch What You Say.   Everything you say "can be used as evidence against you". Discuss your case only with your attorney. Do not give information to anyone, except your doctor or doctors, without your attorney's approval. Do not fill out any forms for any insurance company without discussion with your attorney.

7. Keep Going to Your Doctor or Doctors.   This is very important. Follow the instructions of your doctor or doctors concerning your treatment. Do not stop seeing your doctor or doctors until you are discharged from further treatment.

Failure to observe this may result in serious adverse consequences to your litigation.

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