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I.  Vehicular Accidents:

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you should report it to your insurance company, broker or agent as soon as possible so that you will receive your benefits and so that they are not in a position to deny any legitimate claim that you may have.

Auto accidents often result in significant injuries to those involved.  The law allows those injured through the negligence of another to collect an award of money damages.  The amount of damages recoverable will be determined by the degree of negligence as well as the extent of injuries.

II.  Motorcycle Accidents:

As with any type of vehicular accident, if you were involved in a motorcycle accident you should contact your insurance company, broker or agent as soon as possible so that they are not in a position to deny any legitimate claim you may have.  Insurance policies for motorcycles often differ from standard automobile insurance policies.  The laws regarding accidents in Ohio are increasingly complex and can be very confusing.

III.  Slip and Fall Injuries

"Slip and Fall" is a term used to refer to personal injuries that are caused when a person slips and falls on a floor, sidewalk, stair, or other surface.  Broadly speaking, Homeowners, Building owners, Parking lot owners and the like are responsible for injuries resulting from a slip and fall on their premises.   

IV.  Wrongful Death

When a death is caused by the negligence or misconduct of another person or party it is called "Wrongful Death."  The negligence can be accidental or intentional.  It can be the act of a single person or a corporation.  Wrongful death is a term used to describe the types of lawsuits brought by the surviving relations of a deceased person, against the person or company that caused the death.

Ohio law provides for the compensation of survivors when a wrongful death occurs.  Survivors  (or "beneficiaries") include the spouse and minor children of a deceased adult.  In the case of a deceased minor, it is the parents of the minor deceased child who are considered survivors.

Our firm will help you through the complexities of the legal system in order to prosecute your wrongful death claim successfully.

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